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Didem Pekün, Bojana Radulovic, Divers, 62 min, Eastern Neighbours Filmfestival

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ARAF, Didem Pekün | Turkey, Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina | 2018 | 43 min
A poetic and haunting elegy of displacement shot in Bosnia by the Turkish director and film scholar. The film premiered at Berlinale and won the Human Rights Award at Sarajevo Film Festival.
A'raf - a Turkish word for limbo or purgatory – symbolises the borderland between heaven and hell for those who are, from incapacity, neither morally bad nor good, according to Qur'an. In this very special essayistic road movie, we follow a diary of Nayia, a ghostly character who travels between Srebrenica, Sarajevo and Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina. She has been in exile since the war and returns for the memorial of the Srebrenica genocide. Her diary notes merge with the myth of Daedalus and Icarus – Icarus being the name given to the winner of a bridge-diving competition in her home country. This years-old tradition in Mostar appears as a central motif of the film. The carefully chosen visual style with black and white photography remarkably emphasises the emotional state and grief of people at the Srebrenica Memorial.

SEPARATION, VIVID DREAMS, Bojana Radulovic | Montenegro, Belgium | 2018 | 19 min 
Upon return to a dilapidated home, an artist feels caught between the war-torn past and a bleak future. After seventeen years, artist Bojana Radulovic returns to her childhood home in Montenegro. The house is small, made of stone, and in a state of disrepair. Looking into the past through the plastic sheets with which Radulovic wrapped the house, she sees the interior. The family pictures hanging on the wall, memories and snippets of a life long gone. Once a family home, the house is now at mercy of developers and political changes. Being caught between the past and uncertain future, the artist feels rootless despite having a physical home.

Screening will be followed by Q&A with Bojana Radulovic

Didem Pekün, Bojana Radulovic

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