The Constitution

Rajko Grlic, Kroatië, Tjeschië, Verenigd Koninkrijk, Macedonië, Slovenië, 93 min

Onderdeel van: English Specials

“Billed as a love story about hate, it’s a human story with all the ugliness and goodness that comes from being human”, Culture Spot LA.

Four very different people live in the same building but avoid each other because of their different lives, what they believe in, and where they come from. They would probably never exchange a word, but misfortune pushes them towards each other. Slowly, and even painfully, they begin to open up to each other and recognize the essential humanity they have. An extraordinary film that enjoyed critical and commercial success wherever it was shown, for its profound and courageous portrait of increasing intolerance in Croatia, touching performances and masterful filmmaking. Apart from winning the Grand Prix at the prestigious Montreal World Film Festival and Santa Barbara IFF, the film received multiple awards at the European Filmfestival, Slovenian Filmfestival and Pula Filmfestival.

Rajko Grlic
Kroatië, Tjeschië, Verenigd Koninkrijk, Macedonië, Slovenië

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