Slovenian/Romanian/Serbian Shorts

77 min, Eastern Neighbours Filmfestival

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A short film program from Slovenia, Romania and Serbia.

Schoolmates (Darko Sinko, Slovenia, 2015, 26 min.)
The young teacher Sonja attempts to solve a dispute between two schoolmates calmly. However, due to the interference of the parents the more or less ordinary primary school event result in something with considerably far more reaching consequences. Will young teacher Sonja succeed in solving the argument? What will the school do? The director points out: “Injustices and crimes are often presented as something loud, clear and dramatic, although we know from experience they are frequently far from it. On the contrary, we often find them banal, vague, evasive, etc. The film presents a small, seemingly unimportant injustice caused by a small everyday crime.’’

A handful of stones (Stefan Ivancic, Serbia, 2017, 14 min.)
Ivica is a 11-year-old kid who spends his days among friends, roaming around unexplored grounds of an industrial Serbian town. Bitter and disquieted, he’s about to find out that today his parents are separating.

Love on the roof of the world (Jan Cvitkovic, Slovenia, 2015, 16 min.)
Viktor and Ana have spent their whole lives together. All they have is each other, and all that remains are the little things, the small events. They live in a modest house with an idyllic old-fashioned rustic feel to it. Are they still attracted to each other, can they still stand each other? Time is a blur, and old resentments can surface in a split second. But are they real? Can they come between them? A black and white gem and winner of four Vesna awards for Best Director, Best Short Film, Best Music and Best Actor at the 18th edition of the Festival of Slovenian Film.

When the dragon came (Stefan Pavlovic, Romania, 2018, 21 min.)
A short poetic documentary about two people, their eight children, the caring for a herd of cows: the acceptance of a life not quite turned out as expected. A film by Stefan Pavlovic, a young filmmaker based in Amsterdam, which premiered at the Netherlands Film Festival this year and won the Best Student Award at the Zlatna International Ethnographic Film Festival in Romania.


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