Salade russe/The Mayskaya Street

Eileen Hofer, Zwitserland, 96 min

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The story of Russian Perestroika laid on the table in a smart documentary that recently premiered at Vision du Reel, Nyon.

Six people, four men and two women, gathered around a table, in search of a shared story over the course of a meal. Over perojki and Plombir ice-cream (the equivalent of a Proustian madeleine), without forgetting the glasses of vodka, all reminisce about their childhood in the Soviet Union. They have been ‘united’, received the same education, a Soviet one, but are now natives of six different countries. And they wonder if they still talk the same ‘language’. Like a dining companion specially invited for the occasion, the fluid camera of Eileen Hofer films this Salade russe that is skilfully composed of memories, melancholy, verbal jousts and laughter. The filmmaker captures faces-landscapes that rebuild, through words, a lost mental territory.

On Sunday 5 November we will screen a short film after Salade Russe:
Mayskaya (Gabriel Tejedor, Switzerland, 2017, 70 min.)
A dreamlike documentary of a splendid and cruel Belarus, stuck between a place of fear and hope. Winner of a Special Mention at this year’s Visions du Reel in Nyon. Belarus, Winter 2015. The omnipotent president Lukachenko is starting his campaign looking for a 5 th mandate. Meanwhile Kostia celebrates his 18 th birthday and gets ready to vote for the first time. He takes us around in his village and among his relatives as they all try to understand and conceive their country and their future. “Mayskaya Street” is the second documentary by Gabriel Tejedor, an independent print and radio journalist who works for Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS).

Eileen Hofer

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