Requiem for Mrs. J

Bojan Vuletic, Servië, Bulgarije, Macedonië, Rusland, Frankrijk, 94 min

Onderdeel van: English Specials

A compelling black comedy about life in transition and a desperate widow planning her final days.

Mrs. J. is a middle-aged widow living in a modest post-communist flat in Belgrade with her mother in law and two daughters. After losing her job, she falls into a deep existential crisis. Although film brings an effective, Kafkaesque treatment of life in the Balkans, the fate of Mrs. J., played with great devotion by iconic Serbian actress Mirjana Karanovic, can be easily imagined in other countries affected by the global economic crisis. Moreover, it’s a family drama with a lot of emotion and love. The director points out: “In a way, until we reach death in one moment we cannot start living again.”

An award-winning film: premiered at this year's Berlinale and won the BEST FILM award at the GoEast Wiesbaden.


Bojan Vuletic
Servië, Bulgarije, Macedonië, Rusland, Frankrijk

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