My Granny from Mars

Alexander Mihalkovich, Belarus, Oekraïne, Estland, 72 min, Eastern Neighbours Filmfestival

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When politics and nationalism turn Crimea into an unfriendly environment, can it still be a safe place for a grandma and her big family? A humorous and charming film awarded with the Docu Talent Prize by Ji.hlava Academy.

Zina is a native Ukrainian who lived peacefully all her life in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. After retirement she moved to Crimea and true to her Eastern heritage, she has always tried to unite her big family. But after the Ukrainian revolution and the annexation of Crimea by Russia, visiting her became an endless hassle. The same old place, now with a new culture, symbols of state, music and propaganda. Isolated from the rest of her family, she lives in a coastal town forgotten by the world, unable to decide whether to leave or stay. What a time to be an old lady! The family has been separated, Crimea turned into 'a distant planet', and its environment is now unfriendly towards the grandmother.

Screening on november 8th will be followed by Q&A with director Alexander Mihalkovich

Alexander Mihalkovich
Belarus, Oekraïne, Estland

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