Men don't cry

Alen Drljevic, Bosnië en Herzegovina e.a., 99 min, Eastern Neighbours Filmfestival

Onderdeel van: Eastern Neighbours Film Festival English Specials

A compelling Bosnian story with brilliant performances of the main actors Isakovic, Bravo, Hadzihafizbegovic, Lucev and Gregurevic. This remarkably refined film won the best film awards at the Karlovy Vary, Bratislava, Ljubljana, Zagreb and Goteborg Filmfestival.

It has been more than 20 years after the wars in former Yugoslavia ended, but the wounds of those who participated in them are still open. In this tense drama, a group of war veterans are trying to overcome lack of trust, prejudice and cross the invisible enemy lines by opening their hearts to each other. They are hoping to find a relief from a nightmares which are haunting them for over two decades. Despite a support of a patient and devoted facilitator, it is obvious that a reconciliation both with one's own traumas and with the former enemies is an unpredictable path full of thorns.

Brilliantly written and directed, the film does not only deal with personal emotional discomforts, it also brings up the treatments and position of war veterans in the post-conflict societies.    

Alen Drljevic
Bosnië en Herzegovina e.a.

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English subtitles