Lord of the House

Danielle Bremer, Kosovo, Nederland, 54 min

Onderdeel van: English Specials

A woman’s fight for freedom against century-old customs, the clash between tradition and change in Kosovo.
A rebellious Kosovar midwife fights for acknowledgement from her family which has always lived by century-old Albanian traditions based on male-dominance. Her longing for respect and appreciation is set against the background of a transforming society where the role of these old customs, written up in ‘‘The Kanun’’, is changing and people search for their own position in this new reality.

On Thursday 2 November and Friday 3 November we will screen a short film before Lord of the House: Lost Exile
Lost Exile (Fisnik Maxhuni, Switzerland, 2016, 29 min.)
Emir, a family man, works for the local mafia as people smuggler between Serbia and Hungary. Hana, a young woman from Kosovo, wants to flee her country and meets up with Emir to drive her. On the way, Emir’s unscrupulous colleagues order him to stop at a motel next to the border. They see in Hana an opportunity to gain money by delivering her to a prostitution ring. That night, Emir is faced with a moral dilemma and his own humanity, while Hana will test her courage to change her life and make it to Europe. A personal story by Fisnik Maxhuni who was born in Kosovo during the dismantlement of Yugoslavia and illegally emigrated to Switzerland in 1993.
Danielle Bremer
Kosovo, Nederland

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