Lukas Dhont, België, 100 min, Drama, festival favorite

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Lara, a young teenage girl, is preparing to celebrate a key birthday, one that will mark the start of her transformation. Lara dreams of dancing and opera, and she is willing to put up any kind of fight necessary to make her dream come true. She trains her body, makes it more supple, punishes it and tries her best to make it bend. But her body is her enemy. Lara was born a boy. 

She puts up a daily struggle – the struggle of a dancer, and the struggle of a young woman in the making, as she is on the cusp of starting her treatment. But learning how to dance on pointe is a long road, just as it’s a long and gruelling ordeal to transform one’s body.

During the Cannes Film Festival, Girl won several prizes. Debuting director Lukas Dhont was awarded the prestigious Camera d'Or, the young protagonist Victor Polster won the prize for the Best Interpretation in Un Certain Regard, the international press awarded Girl with the Prix Fipresci and the film also won the Queer Palm. At the world premiere during the Cannes Film Festival, the film was rewarded with a long standing ovation.

In advance we show the short film Feelings by Dante Kedde from The Hague (16 years old)
Winner third prize, category film, Kunstbende Festival
"Art is my passion, I am a trans girl and I often incorporate my feelings and emotions into my art. For the stopmotion / animation film Feelings that you are going to see, I made 521 drawings. It is about a period that I was feeling sad, partly because I had just started using hormones, and partly because someone in my immediate environment, with whom I dealt with daily, was severely depressed. Fortunately there was help for her and that was also the helping hand for me, because now I could focus on recovering my own balance." - Dante Kedde
Lukas Dhont
Nederlands, Frans

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  • Droomdebuut voor Lukas Dhont

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  • De film ‘Girl’ over de 15-jarige transgender Lara betovert. Vooral door debuterend acteur Victor Polster.


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