Miha Mazzini / Dusan Joksimovic , Slovenië, Kroatië, Servië, 85 min, Eastern Neighbours Filmfestival

Onderdeel van: Eastern Neighbours Film Festival 6 - 10 november 2019 English Specials

Inspired by true events, this amazing and compelling story of a new mother erased from all state documents, is certainly one of the most memorable films from recent Slovenian production.

After giving birth to a healthy baby girl, Ana finds her own name cannot be found in the system. At first this does not worry her, computer mistakes happen and they can be fixed. However, what ensues is a bureaucratic nightmare of monumental proportions. She is forced to leave the hospital and her baby until everything is sorted. But since Ana doesn’t legally exist, her baby doesn’t have official mother and as such is to be put up for adoption. Ana begins the fight of her life to get her identity and her child back. This first feature film by Slovenian award-winning writer Miha Mazzini is based on true events. After declaring independence from Yugoslavia in 1991, Slovenia erased 25,671 of its own citizens due to bureaucratic complexities. The majority of those are still unable to regain their legal status.

Director's statement
I thought of telling a story that would not be a biography, which I would have to base on actual events, and make one story out of several told stories. This erasing happened in 1992, but fortunately there are many non-governmental organizations that had these stories written, so there was plenty of material. I was hoping someone would tell this story much earlier, but nobody did, so I did it.

Screening will be followed by Q&A with Sebastian Cavazza

Miha Mazzini / Dusan Joksimovic
Slovenië, Kroatië, Servië

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