Discovering great Eastern European talents

90 min

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A short film program of Eastern Europeam Talents.

Shooting star (Lyubo Yonchev, Bulgaria/Italy, 2015, 28 min.)
Lilly is a divorced mother of two – Martin, who has recently come of age, and the little Alexandra. One cold winter evening Martin takes Alexandra from kindergarten. In the dark streets of the neighbourhood they become a part of a tragic accident that hardly can be forgotten or erased. Lilly and her kids have to make tough decisions, the consequences of which will change their life for good. A short fiction debut by Bulgarian award-winning director, writer and producer which has been selected for more than 100 international film festivals and won over 30 awards.

Invisible (Amra Mehic, Bosnia and Herzegovina/Hungary, 2016, 6 min.)
A middle-aged man is getting ready to take extreme measures to ensure a better future for him and his family abroad. He puts together a mysterious device, hides it under his coat and goes to the bustling centre of a Western European city. He is frantically looking for a perfect spot to execute his plan. The director points out: ‘’Film is our take on one of the currently most discussed issues: the refugee crisis. While holding the mirror up to each one of us, the story explores refugee stigmatization in today's Europe. So much is said about the global consequences of this crisis, and very little about the consequences on a personal, human level, or even the causes. That’s the story we are trying to tell, and to point out that many people actually do not have a choice.’’

Ferris wheel (Dusko Stanivuk, Serbia, 2016, 16 min.)
A compelling story of a little girl within disturbed family conditions. She is desperately trying to improve her relationship with her mother by merging her imaginary world with the world of adults. A short film by Dusko Stanivuk, Sarajevo born director who is finishing his Masters in Film and TV directing at the University of Arts in Belgrade and has already ten shorts and documentaries to his credit.

Second hand (Noemi Barkoczi, 2016, Hungary, 5 min.)
A cat tells us the unusual story of a sweater’s life, through which we hear of his early happy years, his adventures with a young hipster girl and a peaceful period living with a pensioner. The jumper falls in love again and again with his owners, but eventually he is disappointed in every one of them. In the end, he decides to remain single, but hope arises again when he meets another interesting person. This short animation by the talented Hungarian director Noemi Barkoczi had its international premiere at this year’s Sarajevo Film Festival.

Plastic flowers (Ylljet Alicka, Albania, 2016, 30 min.)
An old couple from the Albanian countryside receives a wedding invitation from a close relative to the capital city. At first, they are very enthusiastic, but soon the indifferent and snobbish people around make them feel unwelcome. According to the director, 25 years after the fall of the communist regime, Albanian society is still encountering difficulties to re-find its spiritual harmony and equilibrium, moving more and more toward individualism and abandonment of human values. The film is based on the short story “The couple” by Ylljet Alicka and aims to rediscover kindness and love between people coming from different backgrounds in Albania.


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