Mariam Khatchvani, Georgië, Qatar, Ierland, Nederland, Kroatië, 97 min, Eastern Neighbours Filmfestival

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An outstanding cinematic piece and authentic story of woman’s restless fight for freedom set in the deep Caucasus Mountains.
It’s 1992. Young Dina lives in a remote mountain village where life is strictly governed by centuries of tradition. Dina’s grandfather has promised her to David, who is returning from the war. But with him comes a comrade-in-arms, the handsome Gegi, and Dina falls in love. Is it possible to defy the firmly established order? A fascinating debut by Mariam Khatchvani set in the Svaneti region, her birthplace in the historical Georgian highland protected by UNESCO. Inspired by the story of her grandmother, the director wanted to retain a palpable sense of authenticity and show a way of life that has not been seen on film before. Except one professional actor on set, she engaged local people speaking endangered language. Khatchvani exposed the sever customs deeply rooted in her community following the rhythm of four seasons as the climate conditions also determine the pattern of human behaviour. Winner of the Special Jury Prize at the Karlovy Vary IFF.
Mariam Khatchvani
Georgië, Qatar, Ierland, Nederland, Kroatië
Georgisch, Georgisch-Svanetisch

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English subtitles