Croatian and Hungarian Shorts

69 min, Eastern Neighbours Filmfestival

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A short film program from Croatia and Hungary.

Sinking objects (Filip Peruzovic, Croatia, 2018, 23 min.)
Silence hurts more than bruises. Once she was daddy's little girl, but now she's sitting in front of him with her husband and a bruise on her eye. What is a father supposed to do, if there is nothing he can do? A well-directed short by promising Croatian director Filip Peruzovic. As part of omnibus ‘’Deep Cuts’’ dealing with violence in all its form, the film was screened at the Sarajevo Film Festival and Pula Film Festival where it won the Golden Arena for Best Director of Photography.

The stranger in my head (Petra Balekic, Croatia, 2017, 4 min.)
The film is the director's attempt of reconstructing Albert Camus’ The Stranger, which she read 12 years ago. With time, the memory of the book has been reduced to fragments and atmosphere, which the director tries to provide with a context in an effort to evoke the original. ‘’It’s challenging to make a connection with the audience through something that is exclusively personal as my own memories. But in the same time it represents a universal phenomenon because everyone's memories are unstable and time is transforming them into a certain atmosphere that contains no guarantee in details’’, underlines the talented Petra Balekic, who not only directed the film, but also wrote it, animated and edited it.

Mary (Juraj Primorac, Croatia, 2017, 28 min.)
Marinko is an assistant worker in the tow-away service. He lives in a cheap rented flat in Zagreb and has only one friend although it sometimes seems better not to have even that one. Recently, he has been having visions of the Virgin Mary everywhere: in stone, in the clouds, in a glass. Marinko is not sane. An amazing short fiction debut by Croatian director Juraj Primorac who has already received several prizes, including the Special Mention at the Film Fest Gent, Mediterranean Film Festival Split and the Best Screenplay at the Croatian Film Days.

Hide and seek (Beno Gabor Baranyi, Hungary, 2016, 14 min.)
Matyi is a 7-year old boy who loves to play hide and seek, but knows no boundaries. He is constantly hiding somewhere, annoying his parents and refusing to come out even when the whole family is looking for him. He is the smallest, unplanned member of a large family and just another pain to his mother suffering from extreme poverty and her husband’s drinking addiction. However, the father is very fond of the boy and the only one with sufficient patience. One day, the father disappears and the mother is left alone with an undisciplined child.


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