Cabbage, Potatoes and other Demons

Serban Georgescu, Roemenië, Duitsland, 60 min

Onderdeel van: English Specials

With a lot of humour and critical thinking director Serban Georgescu investigates the disastrous business model of a group of farmers in a Romanian village.
In the Romanian village of Lunguletu, 1.000 farmers sit on their tractors filled with 100.000 tons of cabbage, waiting for customers at the local market. At the end of the day they either sell for almost nothing, or destroy their crops. Intrigued by getting 1 ton of cabbage for just 20 euros, townie Serban decides to spend one year in the village and work the land, to see why these people are in deadlock and if there is another possible solution.
‘Cabbage, potatoes and other demons’ is a satire of current realities in agriculture in Europe narrated by the director himself. From the inside and in a self-ironical tone, the film tells the story of a village that got stuck in between the past and present.

On Saturday 4 November we will screen a short film before Cabbage, potatoes and other demons​:
When time loses patience (Andreea Dumitriu, The Netherlands/Romania, 2016, 21 min.)
A centuries old tradition – animal markets in Romania face an unsure future. The times are changing, industrial agriculture is gradually replacing small-scale farming and the market becomes the scene of the fight for survival of the Romanian traditional farmer. The camera looks around the market in fixed frames, observing farmers in their efforts to sell their animals. The time passes slowly, the buyers are scarce and the cold weather is not helping. People fill up the time with conversations about farming, love, disease and getting old. A film about the last days of a dying culture.
Serban Georgescu
Roemenië, Duitsland

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