Borders, Slovenian and Czech views

Damjan Kozole, Slovenië, 73 min

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A short film program from Slovenia and the Czech Republic. 

Borders (Damjan Kozole, Slovenia, 2016, 10 min.)
24 October, 2015. A nice day in autumn in a nice landscape. A crowd of refugees and migrants accompanied by soldiers and police officers make their way from the Schengen border between Slovenia and Croatia towards the refugee camp in Brezice. Suddenly, the landscape starts to appear less nice than it was. In 2002, the distinguished Slovenian filmmaker Damjan Kozole shot a feature film on the exact same border, about two traffickers smuggling people into the EU. This time, reality replaced fiction. He decided to take a 'no directing' approach by using static camera, like an eerie remake of Lumiere's The Arrival of a Train.

Sotto (Ina Ferlan, Slovenia, 2016, 10 min.)
A short experimental documentary about human senses – what happens when one of them is missing and all others merge to replace it? The film explores the intensity of senses through the perception of a disabled dancer. Sotto is a debut film by Ina Ferlan, a young Slovenian director who graduated in Textile and Fashion Design at the University of Ljubljana. In 2012 she has started working as an assistant director to filmmaker and video artist Ema Kugler. She now juggles between filmmaking and costume design.

Good luck, Orlo! (Sara Kern, Slovenia/Croatia/Austria, 2016, 14 min.)
After a dramatic event, Orlo (7) watches his parents being consumed with grief. He wants his family to be normal again. When an opportunity arises, Orlo takes things into his own hands, but this is more complicated than he had imagined. The director: ‘’When faced with an experience too big and complex for them to understand, children need help. If parents are not equipped to guide them, children can be left with an open wound to bear for decades to come. This film is for my father, who was 7 when his baby-sister died. No one managed to talk to him about it. Sometimes, I get a glimpse of that 7-year-old boy in him. I guess the age we are when our childhood ends stays with us until the end of our lives’’.

Ceske Velenice Infinity (Jan Gogola, Czech Republic, 2004, 26 min.)
Czech director Jan Gogola reflects on the meaning of European Union accession for Central Europeans, on shifting borders and their implications for the construction while understanding of identities of self and the other, and on the dynamics of openness and closure in Europe. This film is part of a bigger European project, the omnibus “ACROSS THE BORDER – FIVE VIEWS FROM THE NEIGHBOURHOOD” that deals with the notion of borders in Eastern and Central Europe. The whole project reflects on different concepts about borders at the beginning of the 21st century.

The Collision (Simon Stefanides, Czech Republic, 2016, 13 min.)
Old Mr. Tosovsky has knocked down Mrs. Parizkova by a car. His daughter Zuzana is boiling with anger and takes the car keys away from him to prevent him from further driving. On one hand, Zuzana solves the problem with her father, but on the other, she antagonizes her mother Jana, who is planning a trip to a remote cemetery to do the spring-cleaning. After a quarrel with her daughter, Jana decides not to leave the things as they are.

A new home (Ziga Virc, Slovenia, 2016, 14 min.)
Our protagonist drives to work, she passes the refugee tent city in the park. She means them no harm; they mean her no harm. So why, when their paths intersect, do things go catastrophically wrong? With Slovenia as its backdrop, ‘A new home’ gives a critical look on European anxiety over the refugee crises. Using some classic cinematic references, this short horror film is a psychological exploration of the social consequences of unfounded paranoia. A third short fiction by Ziga Virc, a former student Academy Award nominee, awarded with Special Mention at LET’S CEE Film Festival in Vienna and premiered at the prestigious Toronto IFF.

Damjan Kozole

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