Before Father Gets Back

Mari Gulbiani, Georgië, Frankrijk, Duitsland, 75 min, Eastern Neighbours Filmfestival

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A compelling story of two lovely teenage girls from a small Georgian village where many fathers went abroad and joined ISIS. Their dream of going to school, having fun by making amateur movies, and having normal life as before, begins to fall apart when the fathers come back.

Iman and Eva live in Pankisi, a small, remote region in Georgia, traditionally inhabited by moderate Muslims. Most of them originate from neighbouring Chechnya. Against the will of the older generation, a growing number of young Pankisians have converted to Wahhabism, a conservative and strict form of Islam. As a result of their radicalization, many young men joined the war in Syria, leaving their families behind. Most of village people are living in a constant fear of their relatives sacrificing their lives in the name of God. What will happen when the ones who survived the war  return home? Talented director Mari Gulbiani achieved remarkable closeness with her characters and made relevant, moving film that makes us think about the world we live in.

Screening will be followed by Q&A with Mari Gulbiani

Mari Gulbiani
Georgië, Frankrijk, Duitsland

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