Zaza Rusadze, Duitsland, 52 min

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This documentary by Zaza Rusadze shares a light on the 1983 hijacking of a commercial flight from the Georgian capital Tbilisi by a group of amateurs with good intentions.
Participants, victims and their families share memories on the event that led to a loss of several lives. Although a group of young people who grew up under socialist regime envisioned hijacking as a simple way out of this Soviet satellite country, the journey turned tragically wrong. What might have seemed as an easy escape for a small group, turned into a nationwide catastrophe, following the Army’s overreaction. It is still a topic of fierce debate and a bitter pill to swallow for Georgian society even 30 years later. This same event is also covered in the fiction film “Hostages”, also screened at this year’s edition of the Eastern Neighbours Film Festival.

On Friday 3 November and Saturday 4 November we will screen a short film before Bandits:
The fall of Lenin (Svitlana Shymko, Ukraine, 2017, 11 min​.)
A spiritual session with the ghosts of symbols of the USSR. The film presents the dawn and the twilight of idols and the curious afterlife of history`s ghosts. Inspired by laws adopted in 2015 by the Parliament of Ukraine to condemn the Communist totalitarian regime and ban the use of its symbols. Ironic documentary about the farewell to the phantoms of the USSR in Ukraine. Latest short film by Svitlana Shymko, an independent director from Ukraine who works on the development of social, political and feminist topics in documentary cinema. The film premiered at the UK's biggest documentary festival – Sheffield Doc/Fest – and got a Special Mention at the DOCU Days UA.
Zaza Rusadze

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