Balkan Shorts

81 min, Eastern Neighbours Filmfestival

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A short film program from the Balkans.

Diagnosis (Kamen Kolarov, Bulgaria, 2018, 28 min.)
Highly intriguing short which follows the intense relationship between a lonely mother and her successful daughter. Boryana has the difficult task of combining her career of a TV host with caring for her mother, who lives out of town. In the two days they spend together, the mother and daughter start rebuilding their broken relationship. However, the lies between them have serious consequences.

Koliva (Andrey I. Volkashin, Macedonia/Bulgaria, 2017, 24 min.)
In a poor Macedonian village, overwhelmed by the daily duties of a typical housewife, Dana's life revolves around her mother, husband and three children. On the day of the traditional pig slaughter, instead of the usual butcher, the appearance of her former lover Marko, draws her deeply buried secrets and fears back to the surface. Dana misses the moment to say farewell to her sick mother, Persa.

Untravel (Ana Nedeljkovic, Nikola Majdak Jr., Serbia/Slovak Republic, 2018, 9 min.)
Premiered at this year’s Berlinale, this stop motion animation and plasticine puppets short takes us on the ride into the depths of a childhood in an isolated country. A girl who never travelled anywhere is torn between living within the borders of the grey world and a desire to reach out to the unknown world called ‘Abroad’. Crowned with the Grand prix at the Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival and Animator Festival in Poznan, ‘Untravel’ questions whether sticking to the status quo is a right choice and explores the complex relationship between patriotism, tourism and emigration. What is the contrast between the romantic ideal of a tourist travel and the need to escape the country where the basic livelihood of people is endangered?

TAM 4500 (Momir Matovic, Montenegro, 2017, 23 min.)
Every single day, Risto Bacovic (age 62) from the Montenegrin village of Klenak leaves in his vehicle some irreal life of his own for the life of reality, which is demanding and requires its own ways: meetings, assistance, worries, duties... One of the best known documentary makers from Montenegro, whose films were screened at the IDFA, DOK Leipzig, Krakow and many other big festivals, is nourishing his own style for already 30 years. This is his latest short film gem.


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