Bad Poems

Gabor Reisz, Hongarije, Frankrijk, 97 min, Eastern Neighbours Filmfestival

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An amusing, full of fantasy and utterly unpredictable comedy, awarded at several festivals with jury and audience awards!

33-year-old Tamas is heartbroken after his girlfriend Anna, who is on a scholarship in Paris, breaks up with him. While wallowing in self-pity, Tamas takes a trip down memory lane to figure out if love only exists when it's practically gone. As he's trying to pick up the pieces, he begins to realize what makes this current society so confused. An unique, charming and highly subjective view of Hungary's present times.

Director's statement
I sat down three and a half years ago to write the script of Bad Poems. Back then, I noticed that reality was being flooded more and more with digital images, and that every simple tourist was
mindlessly archiving memories. And yet, I saw hardly anything change; in films, people still entered the frame in a medium shot and got into a car in a wide-angle shot. My emotional career (if such a thing exists) was in a huge crisis, and I soon noticed that I was writing my childhood memories down in the script as a form of therapy. The combination of these two launched the film’s basic starting point. All this happened in Paris within the frame of the Cinéfondation Residence fellowship. The memories came to me in an associative way, and I searched for some kind of invisible connection in them. Whatever was created then in six months, is what the cast, crew, and I tried to interpret and untangle: to sharpen the blurry; to fill faded space and objects with color; to give emotions and voices to bodies that had already frozen or become somewhat forgotten in the past.

Gabor Reisz
Hongarije, Frankrijk

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English subtitles