Avec l'amour

Ilija Cvetkovski, Macedonie, 66 min

Onderdeel van: English Specials

A fascinating documentary about a retiring professor who owns 115 rotten vintage cars, and his and his wife’s fantasy of opening a museum in a small uneventful town. Premiered at the prestigious Hot Docs in Toronto where Steven Spielberg said it’s one of the best documentary in years.

Dionis is a retiring biology teacher with a passion and a dream. He owns over a hundred rusty old cars, most of which don’t even work, and every night he sleeps next to them, dreaming of turning this unusual collection into a large museum. His passion and his dreams come with a price. Every night his younger wife sleeps alone and by day she makes ends meet by making wedding and birthday cakes. While dreaming of his project, surrounded by decaying cars, it is exactly in these piles of rust that Dionis finds the joy of existence. “Avec l’amour” is a simple story, but also a larger than life portrayal of the universal human saga represented through this old man – its love, its life. After its world premiere at Toronto’s Hot Docs, the film was part of DOC.Fest Munich and Sarajevo Film Festival documentary competition.

On Friday 3 November, Saturday 4 November and Sunday 5 November we will screen a short film before Avec l'amour:
The Lock (Bujar Alimani/Erand Sojli, Albania, 2016, 22 min.)
Arian, a 40-year-old Albanian, goes to pick up the personal belongings of his son who has lost his life ina terrorist attack. Accidentally, at the parking lot of the building, he encounters two Syrian refugees, Asia and her daughter Leila. He decides to help them and give them shelter at a local hotel in Tirana’s suburbs. There they encounter the first of many prejudices people have towards Muslims. The receptionist refuses to accept them as guests of the hotel, even though he’s been offered money. Arian decides to take the girls home and gives them his wife’s clothes and murdered son’s pyjamas. The situation gets tense when his wife arrives home...

Ilija Cvetkovski

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