All alone

Bobo Jelcic, Kroatië e.a., 74 min, Eastern Neighbours Filmfestival

Onderdeel van: Eastern Neighbours Film Festival English Specials

A captivating, darkly humorous, well-acted intimate drama by award-winning director Bobo Jelcic, recently premiered at the Sarajevo Film Festival.

Filmmaker Bobo Jelcic, whose ‘A Stranger’ premiered at the prestigious Berlinale and won many awards including the Heart of Sarajevo for acting and seven Golden Arenas at the Pula FF, takes us on a powerful, emotional journey of modern fatherhood in his impressive second feature. It’s a story of a divorced father Marko who fights to spend more time with his daughter. He is hardly ever alone: either surrounded by his family, friends, co-workers and neighbourhood fixers.
However, he is driven to the brink by limited contact with the one person he loves more than anyone – his daughter, who lives with her mother. When he starts the legal proceedings to get more time with his child, he enters the Kafkaesque world of a social-services system in meltdown. An intimate character study and a snapshot of a community, but nevertheless, an up-to-date, universal, deeply human story.

Bobo Jelcic
Kroatië e.a.

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English subtitles